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Models obtained with silicone molding technology are the most preferred technology in terms of their durability, high surface quality and response to pre-series manufacturing methods.

Silicone Molding

Silicone Molding Technology;


In the silicone molding technology method, the most detailed surfaces and opposite angled parts can be molded, fast and high quality results are obtained. Moreover, silicone molding technology is used in rapid prototype production technologies instead of expensive and long-lasting metal mold manufacturing for low quantity productions, thanks to silicone molding, which is a kind of turning technology. By using a master model produced, plastic parts can be manufactured more cheaply and quickly. Polyurethane materials, which have properties very close to the materials used in real products, can be easily used in applications such as visual tests, crash tests, functionality tests.

Common Applications


Some applications where polyurethane materials that can be printed on silicone molds are commonly used are:

  1. Colored parts can be produced by applying transparent models and optional pigmentation for visual applications

  2. Production of parts with high impact resistance, functionality tests, tensile and bending strength

  3. Production of parts with high temperature resistance

  4. Production of flexible parts from 45 to 90 shore

  5. Wax wax casting: It functions as an intermediate product in the process of obtaining metal parts by investment casting method. In many cases, geometries that cannot be obtained due to reverse angles etc. can be easily obtained by the silicone mold method.

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