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RIM Molding, (Low Pressure Mass Production) is a method used in productions where the annual production volume is low.

RIM Molding

RIM Molding (Low Pressure Mass Production)

It is preferred in multiple productions of 1000 or more with the molding technique made of hard block molds, aluminum molds and polyurethane hard molds. Its advantage over silicone molding provides more model production and dimensional advantages.

For example: Bumper, cartel casing, inner hood etc. many large-scale products are obtained. Although it appeals to every sector, it is used as a final product.

Usage areas

  • Automotive

  • Household appliances

  • Electronic

  • Defense

  • Aviation

  • medical

  • Molding

3D Printing Technologies Project Application

Silicone Molding Project Application

RIM Molding Project Application

Post-Processes Project Implementation

Sample Project  Our Applications

Please visit our Projects page to take a look at the solutions we offer in the field of rapid manufacturing technologies and our sample project applications that we have successfully concluded in the past.

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