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Post-processing applications sandpaper, primer and  paint_cc781905-5cde_cf781905-bad315359 with parts_dye_cc781905-5cde_fb-313594-badge-fit parts-badges_cf313594 is the work that it is brought to.



Post-processing applications;

3d printer, silicone mold  ve rim (pre-mass manufacturing) is an application we have made to improve the surfaces of prototype parts produced in model studies.


We provide an end-user appearance to your prototype products with any RAL paint code you request, by applying sandpaper, primer, putty and paint processes on the outer surfaces of the parts produced from realistic polyurethane materials.

Successive Operations;

Prototype models produced with  3d printer, silicone mold and rim technologies,
For the color selection you want, we make paint applications in ral codes.

3D Printing Technologies Project Application

Silicone Molding Project Application

RIM Molding Project Application

Post-Processes Project Implementation

Sample Project  Our Applications

Please visit our Projects page to take a look at the solutions we offer in the field of rapid manufacturing technologies and our sample project applications that we have successfully concluded in the past.

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